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Handpiece with quick connector
Handpiece with quick connector, with connector design more flexible and convenient .it is suitable to different company's handpiece in the market. 2 and 4 holes available. Compare with the common handpiece with coupler handpiece more popular for the dentist, it enhances the working effectiveness, save the time to transfer the handpiece during surgery. the handpiece head uses a sanitary head, cartridge consist of a dust cover. Ceramic bearing offer 1 year warranty quality assurance, triple spray has a better cooling effect. Patented wind wheel unlimited the air pressure the new design wind wheel extend the handpiece use life.
Product Information
CategoryHandpiece with quick connector
Chuck TypeTorque head/standard head/push button
Spray6 water spray
Rotation Speed350,000~400,000r.p.m.
Working Air Pressure0.20mpa~0.30mpa
Bur Applicable1.595~1.600mm
Connection4 holes or 2 holes available
Delivery TimeWith in 3working day after payment
Warranty Period1 year
Spray the SPRAY for 1-2 seconds into the drive air tube at the end of
each day's work. Should use of the handpiece be above average, lubricate with SPRAY twice a day (one at lunch time, and one at the end of the day's work). Be sure to sufficiently lubricate with SPRAY before autoclaving. In case yon use Turbine Oil (Reorder No.Z016- 112) supply 2-3 drops into the drive air tube once or twice a day.
Note: Hold the SPRAY can upright, press the spray nozzle to the drive air tube of the handpiece as shown in Fig. 6,and spray.
Packing size:162mmX75mmX27mmDental Handpiece manufacturers