Customized Infrared Thermometer

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鈼?About this item锛?/strong>
鈼?Face Recognition: Self-owned Facial Recognition Algorithm Non-Contact Body Recognition, Farcical Recognition W/O Physical Contact, With A Recognition Speed Of Less Than 500ms.
鈼?Infrared Thermal Imaging: The Body Temperature Can Be Accurately Measured Within 0.5m, The Temperature Measurement Accuracy Is As High As 卤 0.2 鈩? The Body Temperature Abnormal Equipment Automatically Alarms. Voice Prompt: ( Support Multiple Languages, Simple Setting).
鈼?Dual Camera Design: Using Binocular Wide Dynamic Camera, Night Infrared And LED Dual Photo Flood Lamp, To Minimize The Impact Of The Contrast Of The Face Angle, Light, Expression And Other Negative Factors On The Results.
鈼?Real Time Monitoring: Statistics Function. You Can Add / Remove / Modify / Import / Export Faces Of The Software. The Face Information Includes: Face / ID / Name / Gender / Age / Phone Number / Card Number / Expiration Date.
鈼?Occasion: Suitable For Communities, Schools High-speed Rail Stations, Airports, Hotel, Government, Offices, Research, Institutes, Etc.
鈼?Product Overview
鈻?High-performance, high-reliability, and high-stability Android system
鈻?Cutting-edge deep learning algorithm used as the core
鈻?Standard local 20,000 faces database, face recognition accuracy > 99.97%, recognition speed < 100 ms
鈻?Binocular living anti-counterfeiting, preventing photo and video deceptions
鈻?8-inch A-gauge LCD, projected and capacitive touch screen technology, and full-screen operation interface
鈻?Adopt 2 million intelligent wide dynamic sensor face recognition camera
鈻?2 million intelligent wide dynamic sensor, which supports strong light, backlight, and dark complex light environments
鈻?Body temperature measurement, temperature display, and automatic alarm generation for abnormal temperatures
鈻?Infrared and TGB double light compensation, and weak light identification without interference
鈻?Optional wired/Wi-FI/4G communication
鈻?Multi-language broadcasting
鈼?Product Specifications
Operating systemAndroid 7.1.2
Camera2 million wide dynamic, live dual cameras, strong backlight resistance
Touch screenCapacitive touch screen, 8-inch A-gauge LCD (16:10)
Display resolution1280 x 800
Camera resolution1280 x 720
CPUQuad core RK3288
ARM-A17 1.8GH锛孏PU:Mail-T764
StorageMemory: 2G Storage: 8G
Authentication modeFace recognition, temperature measurement, optional IC card, ID card
Measurement range32鈩冣€?2鈩冿紙Non-medical product features锛?/p>
Temperature measurement accuracyAccuracy锛?.3鈩?Face Distance锛?0CM鈥?0CM
Storage capacity20,000 faces database and 150,000 records
External interfaceUSB RJ45 RS232 TTL reset switch, Wi-Fi antenna interface, Brake machine interface
Operating voltage12 V DC 卤20%
Communication modeWired network, Wi-Fi, optional 4G
TypeWall-mounted type, desktop type, vertical type for adults, vertical type for kids
Installation modeWall-mounted bracket, vertical bracket, desktop bracket, gate installation
Warning: the function of measuring temperature of this product is not a medical product, it is only used by quick checking of human body temperature! After the machine starts up, the temperature measurement module needs to be preheated for 15 minutes before it can enter the normal temperature test!
鈼?Electrical Performance
Input power110鈥?40VACOutput power12 V, 5 A DC
Standby power consumption< 0.5 WSpeaker power8 ohm, 1 W
Rated power consumption< 20 W
鈼?Work Environment
Operating temperature18掳C鈥?5掳C
Operating humidity0%鈥?0% RH
Storage temperature鈥?0掳C to +60掳C
Storage humidity0%鈥?5% RH
鈼?Application Scenarios
鈻禩he machine is used for quick temperature reading and face recognition in schools, cinema, hospitals, communities, supermarkets, checkpoints, subway stations, customs ports, airports, stations and other places.
What is the resolution of the camera and your display?
Our display resolution is 1280 x 800 and our camera is 1280 x 720, It's very clear that you can cooperate with us without hesitation.
What鈥?/strong>s the accuracy of your machine?
It鈥檚 accuracy锛?.5鈩?About the face Distance is 30CM鈥?0CM.
May I put the machine anywhere?
Yes,you can put in anywhere,such as schools, cinema, hospitals, communities, supermarkets, checkpoints, subway stations, customs ports, airports, stations and other places.Customized Infrared Thermometer
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