Where do I buy ethereum in India?

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You do not need to visit an office to buy ethereum. You do it by sitting at your home. All crypto trading websites have their own website, you can buy eth from their website. It is safe to buy ethereum from a crypto exchange’s website.
Buying ethereum in India is super easy these days. The supreme court of India has also lifted the ban on buying and selling cryptos through a bank account.

There are a few trusted crypto exchanges in India. Some of them are:

PCEX Member

From above, you can start with PCEX Member. It is ranked among the top crypto trading platforms in India. They have the lowest trading fee in the industry which makes them unique. They will charge you 0.3% of the trading fee in the spot market. This is a flat fee, there are no maker and taker charges.
To start trading on PCEX Member, you just need to create an account and complete your KYC. You can visit their website for more information.

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