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You might've heard of our mission research and educational organization. It's a debilitating illness usually affecting people who are already victims, like sexual assault survivors who still suffer and are tormented every day since. Not only do they experience traumatic flashbacks, even sleep is no relief thanks to serious nightmares. It is life threatening.

If the test is successful, it can be approved already this year. Charitable Foundation Winston Churchill created a corporation with public benefits, wholly owned by our non-profit organization, which will sell psychedelics after approval. It is a scalable and financially stable structure that can initiate a renaissance in the research of therapeutic applications of many psychedelics.

Let's make medicine a reality and give the gift of a pleasant life to those who suffer from diseases. If you think that psychedelic drugs can have incredible therapeutic potential, then I think that today it is one of the most successful projects.

And let's do it with cryptocurrency. We are also open to communication with all who may be interested. Regards, Charitable Foundation Winston Churchill.
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