This guide will help you know the location of Harp Bow and how to find it

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Harp Bow is one of the hundreds of weapons found in Elden Ring. This is a light bow that players can get by decoding the clues from a Painting. If you have played Elden Ring, you are aware that the Paintings have some clues, and if you can reach the location following the clues, you can get the reward. It’s the same with the Harp Bow.

The Harp Bow is a Light Bow in Elden Ring that scales primarily with the Strength and Dexterity stats.The bow is a wonderful choice for anyone looking to play with an Archer Build or as a ranged backup option for the tough enemies found throughout the Lands Between.

Where to Find the Harp Bow in Elden Ring
The portray that results in the Harp Bow is the Champion’s Song portray. This portray is positioned within the Shaded Castle in Altus Plateau. To attain this space, you have to to travel north by way of the big ravine within the plateau. The fort itself is roofed in poison and could be tough to maneuver. You will discover the portray on a wood platform close to some skeletons within the northeast part of the fort.

After you reach the castle, head towards the northeast side of the castle to get the painting.

After you get the painting, follow the below steps-

1. Move towards the Capital City of Altus Plateau.
2. Make your way to the Rampartside Path Site of Grace.
3. Now climb up the cliffs behind the Site of Grace.

Players need to beware of the poisonous area and all of the creatures that can inflict a poison ailment on the character. Players need to follow the noticeable path through the poisonous fog to find the Shaded Castle Ramparts Site of Grace for a checkpoint at the entrance.

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