Seven focuses higher than Madden's Week 9 rating of 82

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Hockey fans also have the launch in EA's NHL 22 coming on October 15 to look forward Mut 22 coins. The good news is that EA Play players can play the game ahead of time in their subscription until October 7 for up to 10 hours while players who purchase a pre-order for a deluxe version of the game can begin playing the game on October 12.

EA Play subscribers who do so will get the opportunity to take on exclusive Ultimate Team challenges from October 7 to October 15. These challenges will also let players to gain access to exclusive sets, characters and packs ahead of when other players can grab their hands on the game.

NHL 22 players are also able to get players can also claim the EA Play Halloween Set from the date of early access, Oct. 7 to October 31. This pack comes with a World of Chel EA Play Bag and comes with an entire Halloween-themed vanity collection that includes a pair of skates, sticks, and gloves for players to dress their players in.

What exactly these features will appear like remains to be seen, but it is definitely a fun addition to the game for EA Play subscribers to enjoy following the game's release buy mut coins. If you're a hockey fan who has not yet played the series by EA, NHL 22 is available for download on the two platforms of EA Play in addition to Xbox Game Pass for any players who wish to test it out before the latest release.