The explanation here is that your attempting to go with RuneScape

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After Sten shows you how, Suak will tell you which piece of armor to make. If you do as he requests, you'll receive a bonus exp for a reward OSRS Gold For Sale. If Suak's requested armor changes, in the anvil select the armor piece and keep working.

To create Runescape Burial Armor it is required to require a hammer, iron steel, mithril Adamant, or rune. It is necessary to smith level 30 because this is the minimum requirement needed to work with iron ingots. To work with steel you'll require level 45 Smithing. Level 60 is for mithril, levels 70 to work with adamant and level 90 for Runite.

While it may seem cheaper to work with iron, the process is really slow. If you use Iron Grade I, you'll achieve 40,000 experience in an hour. If you opt for Steel Grade I, you'll receive 50,000 experiences per hour. The more valuable the metal with a greater grade you select, the more smithing experience you'll get.

In order to make burial armor first, you'll have to create normal armor on the anvil close to the burial anvils rs3 gold for sale. Then you'll have visit the artisans anvil to make the armor into burial-grade armor. When the armor is fully upgraded, it'll automatically go down through the chute next up to the anvil.